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‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ Film Editor Paul Rogers Gives Shout-Out To The Daniels, His Family & Cast After Oscar Win: “This Is Crazy”

Denise Petski, DEADLINE

March 12, 2023

Everything Everywhere All At Once‘s Paul Rogers was clearly overwhelmed following the film’s Oscar win for Film Editing. “This is too much, wow, this is my second film y’all, this is crazy.” He went on to thank his wife, “the most incredible woman in the room,” his family, and cast.

He gave a special thank you to writers-directors the Daniels: “Dan and Daniel, I hope you know your friends, we’re people who care about you, we’re not here because of the incredible, wonderful, strange beautiful movies that you make, we’re here because you guys are incredible, kind, generous, strange, sexy people and if all this goes away we’re still here with you.”

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