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‘The New Boy’ Director Warwick Thornton On The Colonization Of Australia & Their Beliefs: “They Tried To Get Rid Of It All” – TIFF Studio

Ryan Fleming, DEADLINE

September 13, 2023

THE NEW BOY (Video Interview)

Section: Gala Presentations

Director: Warwick Thornton

Writers: Warwick Thornton

Logline: Starring Oscar winner Cate Blanchett, this spiritual drama from Warwick Thornton (TIFF ’17’s Sweet Country) hauntingly evokes Australia’s fraught colonial legacy through the story of one very special child.

Premiere Date: Sept 14, 2023

Panelists: Warwick Thornton

Key Quotes: “Christianity didn’t think that way about our [belief], so they tried to eradicate and extinguish all our languages, all our beliefs, all of our creators… everything. They tried to get rid of it all and you had to become Christian… so it was a pretty difficult time for us, them not accepting any of our languages or any of our communities, or the way we see the land.”

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