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'Story Ave' with filmmakers | Academy Conversations


November 01, 2023

'Story Ave' Academy Conversation with Aristotle Torres (writer/director), Lizzie Shapiro (producer), and Eric Branco (DP).

Moderator: "How does this movie speak to each of you to where you are in your career right now and how do you think it speaks to where we are in kind of like society or the world?"

Eric Branco (DP): "This movie I mean for me career-wise was a chance to kind of get back to smaller film making -- I've been doing some like larger TV shows and I really really jumped at the chance to be able to collaborate with a small team and make something that was really true to our initial vision which was a gift so
that's what this movie meant to me and also in general, representation you know being able to shoot in the neighborhood where I'm from is not something that happens often and it's really special..."

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