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Warwick Thornton’s ‘The New Boy’ wins Golden Frog at Camerimage 2023

Michael Rosser, SCREENDAILY

November 20, 2023

Warwick Thornton was awarded the Golden Frog at Poland’s Camerimage International Film Festival on Saturday (November 18) for drama The New Boy.

The Australian Indigenous filmmaker received the festival’s top prize at a ceremony in the Polish town of Torun, where the director was recognised for his role as cinematographer on the film. Accepting the award, Thornton paid tribute to his fellow filmmakers and said: “I’ve had tears in my eyes the whole week and it’s not because of the alcohol or the cold weather. It’s the love of cinematography, and I truly didn’t realise that I will forever be a student. And that is the most beautiful thing about what we do. We will always be students of this craft and this art, so thank you.”

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