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Behind the Mask

Margo Carmichael Lester

June 13, 2022

Generation Next standout Rafael Leyva teams up with a large Latinx crewbase for Disney's new kid-superhero series, Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion.

From the series' opening moments, Local 600 Director of Photography Rafael Leyva established a look that bridges the gap between the mundanities of life as a high-school kid and the action-packed aspects of life as someone with superpowers. "I wanted it to feel like two dimensions clashing," the Puerto Rican-born DP, who was profiled in [ICG Magazine's Generation NEXT 2019] issue explains. "Our goal was always to find a comic-book style of shooting and lighting to enhance that and separate the teenage world with the villain-fighting world. On one side, colorful, fun, and transparent; on the other side, shadowy and contrasty."

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