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Brett Donowho’s Way

Nadine Whitney, FILMINK

February 19, 2023

It’s difficult to believe that living icon Nicolas Cage has never been in a Western, considering his filmography of well over one hundred films. Director Brett Donowho rectifies that by having Cage play a gunslinger whose past catches up with him in The Old Way.

FilmInk chatted to Brett about working in the genre, Cage, and why he thinks Westerns remain important.

The list of amazing character actors who make an appearance is stunning, especially Clint Howard and Abraham Benrubi. Did you enjoy working with such seasoned professionals and giving them a chance to stand out?

“I love this question. From the first conversation with Nic when I told him I wanted to make sure I have the best actors I can find so that every role down to the one liner was at his caliber, I set out on that path with my casting director Farrah West. Shout out to Farrah as there are few humans that will work 18 hours a day like I do, and she was always there, even at 4am sometimes trying to fulfil my vision and scouring the earth to find the best talent.

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