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Filmmakers Academy to showcase Sony Burano 8K’s capabilities in official live demo


February 12, 2024

In the official live demonstration of the Sony Burano 8K Digital Cinema Camera, Shane Hurlbut ASC will unveil the new compact full-frame camera system and its versatile features at Sony Studios. The Filmmakers Academy mentors presenting alongside Shane include Derek Johnson (DIT/colourist), Jason Robbins (A-Camera gimbal operator), and Thomas Popp (sound mixer).

Shane will begin with a comprehensive overview of the Burano’s technical specifications and its key components that any cinematographer and their camera team will want to consider.

Moving on from the camera’s specs, Shane and his team are set to present four unique scenarios.

1. Break the Camera: They’ll first “break the camera” by displaying the limits of the Burano while comparing it to the Venice 2. This will involve an interior lighting setup with models of varying skin tones. Shane and the team push it to nine stops over while Derek Johnson corrects the image on DaVinci to find its breaking point.

2. Auto Focus & Touch Tracking Functions: Next, they’ll showcase how the Burano racks focus on models in the foreground and background, utilising the Sony E-Mount lenses. Shane will discuss compatible lenses with the Burano’s AF function and demonstrate how it racks focus with Touch Tracking and AI Subject Recognition.

3. Handheld Stabilisation & ND in Auto: After, they’ll test the Burano’s built-in image stabilisation system by following two models walking from inside to outside in handheld mode. Meanwhile, they’ll test varying points of stabilisation with Sony E-Mount and PL-Mount lenses — i.e. five points versus three points stab — before comparing it to the Sony Venice 2 as Shane racks focus without stabilisation.

4. Gimbal Performance: Finally, Jason Robbins will evaluate how the Burano balances on the DJI Ronin 2 and RS 3 Pro. Again, they’ll compare how the Burano performs side by side with
the Venice 2, revealing how the two camera systems differ in balancing weight while sharing key advantages and limitations. Designed for highly mobile cine-style shooting, the Sony Burano is an ideal solution for filmmakers, particularly solo operators and small film crews. Its sensor matches the colour science of the Venice 2 but packages it in a compact and lightweight body making it more manageable with less maintenance.

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