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Hollywood’s Sound Community Answers Call To Send Much-Needed Walkie-Talkies To Aid Ukraine Relief Efforts (Deadline)

David Robb

April 21, 2022

“CAS is proud to join others in the sound community to support the humanitarian efforts of Safe&Sound Ukraine,” said CAS president Karol Urban. “We applaud all that Xenia and her colleagues are doing to improve the lives of the affected citizens in Ukraine.”

Hollywood’s sound community is pitching in to deliver encrypted walkie-talkies and satellite phones to Ukrainians in disaster zones cut off from communication. Organizers say that 100 walkie-talkies were recently delivered to Kyiv and that more are on the way.

Safe&Sound Ukraine, a grassroots fundraising effort led by Xenia Vinogradova, a Kyiv-based sound mixer, is seeking to raise $200,000 to source and acquire digital communication devices for aid, rescue and evacuation personnel inside the war-torn nation. To date, it has raised nearly $85,000 in donations that go to United Help Ukraine, a US 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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