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How Jamee Ranta Went From Executive Producing Music Videos For Justin Bieber and Jennifer Lopez To Managing Her First Client (Billboard)

Megan Armstrong

February 25, 2022

The Ohio native details her critically acclaimed — and award-nominated — visuals for music's top superstars and why she's eager for her next venture in the industry.

(photo credit, Alex Harper)
Growing up in income-based housing in Dayton, Ohio, Jamee Ranta says “opportunities were nonexistent” — and while she dreamed of becoming an astronaut, music had a more formative impact. Ranta has now worked alongside some of music’s biggest stars as CEO of Artifact Content, a multimedia production company she founded in 2017. She first arrived in Los Angeles nearly a decade prior and hustled to break into the industry, working on as many music video sets as she could. Self-employed since 18, Ranta’s bet on herself has more than paid off: Her work on Cardi B’s “WAP” helped the clip win the 2021 BET video of the year award, and she more recently executive-produced the visual for Justin Bieber’s Grammy Award-nominated “Peaches.”

Now, Ranta is eager for her next adventure: management, signing burgeoning Colombian American singer-songwriter Nathalie Paris as her first client near the end of 2021. “I love the logistical side of making art because it’s very commonly underappreciated,” says Ranta. “I enjoy being part of those systems to support the artist.

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