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Jonathan Furmanski on Choosing the VENICE for ‘Life and Beth’


July 6, 2022

We sat down with cinematographer Jonathan Furmanski (‘Good Boys’, ‘Search Party’, ‘Inside Amy Schumer’) to discuss his choice in using the VENICE to film the new television series ‘Life & Beth’. VENICE features including full-frame, dual ISO, and Rialto mode supported capturing his vision and smoothed the filming process.

How did you decide on VENICE for this series?

Jonathan Furmanski: Well, I'm a VENICE owner, so I was already very familiar with the VENICE. Although we didn't specifically use my camera on the show.

I think it was a few things. I knew that I wanted to do full frame because I wanted the show to have something that felt a little bit larger than life. The time that I had spent shooting with the VENICE or the Mini LF, I just noticed that I enjoyed it. Like looking at a large format photograph, you can sit on a frame a little bit longer and you can let your eye take in detail and wander a little bit more than you can in Super 35, where you might not have the resolution or the clarity to see like, "Oh, what is all this stuff on the table?" or, "What is this person in the foreground looking like when the person in the background is talking."

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