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Matthew Chuang: Going Back To Blue Bayou

Dov Kornits

October 12, 2021

Fleeing the closed doors of the Australian film industry, cinematographer Matthew Chuang is now on the rise in the US thanks to his stellar work on the new feature Blue Bayou.

“To be very honest, it’s because they wouldn’t give me a chance in Australia,” comes rising cinematographer Matthew Chuang’s surprisingly straight-up reply when FilmInk asks the Sydneysider what prompted him to decamp to the US. “They wouldn’t really let me work on films and I couldn’t even get a TV pilot. There are a lot more projects happening in the US, so they’re more willing to give people a chance. There’s so much work there. In Australia, things kind of boil down to if you end up on a list. If you do, then you’re kinda good, but if you’re not on that list, if you’re not one of the usual suspects, then y’know…”

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