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New Angel City FC docuseries takes fans through team's inaugural season

Christiane Cordero, ABC 7

May 19, 2023

Women's professional soccer is scoring big with fans across the country, especially in Los Angeles. L.A.'s team, Angel City FC, is now the focus of a new docuseries.

"Angel City" is a three-part docuseries following the National Women's Soccer League club through its inaugural season.

Trust is a pillar for any successful team, especially when the team involves a film crew.

"I credit that to them and the organization for building up the trust," said Angel City FC head coach Freya Coombe. "And I think it helps having Natalie (Portman) head it up because you know that it's coming from a good place."

Coombe is referring to co-founder Natalie Portman, who helped bring the docuseries to life. As did director Arlene Nelson. Her vision was to mix thoughtful, sit down interviews with a more organic vérité style of storytelling.

"I think it makes for a really dynamic show," Nelson said. "The more vérité that you can bring into a show, the more you can kind of engage people and sweep them along as the narrative is unfolding."

Every match day, Angel City brings Southern California's soccer community, L.A.'s production experience and Hollywood powerhouses into a 22,000 seat stadium.

The club sold out its inaugural match and has since averaged an attendance of more than 19,000 fans.

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