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Q&A with director Arlene Nelson, ACFC co-owner Julie Uhrman on ‘Angel City’ docuseries


May 15, 2023

Yahoo Sports recently caught up with director Arlene Nelson and co-owner Uhrman to discuss the "Angel City" docuseries, which premieres Tuesday on HBO Max.

Yahoo Sports: What intrigued you about Angel City and getting involved with this project?

Arlene Nelson: Not only do you have the backdrop of heart-pounding competition and drama of sports, but you also have the powerful story of these three women coming together and wanting to make change happen from the inside out. Based on my experiences of having the ability to shoot documentaries of large scale events but also intimate scenarios, it was a really great fit for this Angel City story. I was really moved by the mission and the women, they are so incredible. Having that purposive narrative drew me in. I was hooked and I am now a total soccer fan.

What was the creative direction you took in terms of planning?

Once I got on board, I devoured everything I could about women’s soccer. It was important to think about what the team was coming into and the context of everything that came before Angel City arrived. I wanted to be able to bring the audience in and understand that but always at its core, it’s a story about Angel City and its inaugural year. The parallel stories such as a collective bargaining agreement, equal pay decision from U.S. Soccer Federation, Sally Yates' report were not just stories we wanted to tell, they’re woven into the fabric of the Angel City story. Everything needed to connect back up to that, and it just happened to be a watershed year for women’s soccer.

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