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Quantum Leap DP Ana M. Amortegui, ADFC on Continuing the Classic Series, Reinventing Different Eras, and Perfecting Key Shots

Abe Friedtanzer, BELOW THE LINE

April 5, 2023

As the Director of Photography on Quantum Leap, Ana M. Amortegui, ADFC works hard to balance the look of the show with whatever era its protagonist is visiting. In some cases, that’s an arduous task, but it’s also one that offers Amortegui unlimited creative opportunities that are often quite fun.

Below the Line spoke with Amortegui about her late introduction to the original series and the unusual training she received that led to her work behind the camera in television. She also discussed her work on Quantum Leap and how she aimed to honor its predecessor while still giving this “continuation” its own visual identity, plus she teased what’s ahead in Season 2, which is already in production.

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