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Patrick Gibbs

October 13, 2022

Cinematographer Sam Levy has a well-earned reputation for excellence, and his career flew to new heights in 2021 with the passion project Mayday, where he also served as producer, working alongside his wife, visionary writer-director Karen Cinorre. While Mayday was a tough act to follow, the new murder mystery comedy Confess, Fletch proved to be a perfect fit as Levy’s next feature, and there’s certainly no element of mystery as to why he chose to do the film.

“It’s really Greg Mottola, at the end of the day,” Levy says. The writer-director of Confess, Fletch, Mottola is best known for Superbad and Adventureland, and it only took one meeting with him to get Levy on board. “There’s a lot of murder mystery in Confess, Fletch,” Levy says.”They didn’t want it bright in terms of the photography.” Confess, Fletch stars Jon Hamm stars as Irwin “Fletch” Fletcher, a former investigative reporter who finds himself becoming the subject of an investigation when a woman is murdered inside his apartment. “It’s not about the Chevy Chase Fletch movies,” Levy says, confirming that Confess, Fletch is instead reaching back to Gregory McDonald’s original books, which Levy describes as “Hardy Boys novels for grownups.”

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