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Sundance 2024: How 37 Cinematographers Shot Their Narrative Features

Sarah Shachat, INDIEWIRE

January 24, 2024

Sundance cinematographers break down the cameras, lenses, and looks of the scripted feature films premiering at the 2024 festival.

Every year, IndieWire reaches out to the cinematographers behind the films premiering at the Sundance Film Festival and asks which cameras, lenses, and formats they used and why they chose them to create the looks and meet the production demands of their films. While budget is always a concern — and certainly was mentioned by several filmmakers who responded to our survey — it’s amazing to see just how many ways cinematographers can create wildly different visual and emotional landscapes.

“Stress Positions”
Dir: Theda Hammel DP: Arlene Muller
Category: U.S. Dramatic Competition
Format: 2K Prores
Camera: ALEXA 35
Lenses: Canon 7-63mm, Canon 11-165mm

Dir: Laura Chinn DP: Bruce Francis Cole
Category: U.S. Dramatic Competition
Format: X-OCN
Camera: Sony Venice
Lenses: Vantage Hawke V-Lites

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