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SXSW 2024: How 41 Cinematographers Shot Their Narrative Features

March 10, 2024

Dir: Rudy Mancuso DP: Shane Hurlbut
Category: Narrative Spotlight
Format: 5K RED R3D
Camera: RED GEMINI, KOMODO, Insta360 & GoPro Hero 10 Black
Lenses: Leica Summicron C’s

The Look: On “Música,” we had character Rules of Engagement. The RED Gemini gave us a rich but raw look by using its dual ISO function to attach a grain texture to each character, along with color tone of lighting, wardrobe and production design. We also used wide lenses pushed in close for Isabella’s character to create intimacy and long lenses from very far away which created a feeling of claustrophobia for Haley’s character. The film mixes strong visual colors with camera work that immerses the audience and takes you on a journey through Rudy’s characters’ minds in a very fantastical way.

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