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The Artificial Eye: Oren Soffer on Filming The Creator


December 13, 2023

Behind the camera of Gareth Edward's revolutionary sci fi blockbuster

One of the closest relationships on a film set is between the director and the cinematographer. “It's like dating,” said Oren Soffer, “but you have to decide to get married on the first or second date.” However, he found himself in a creative ménage à trois on the set of The Creator, the sci fi drama by Gareth Edwards.

And being able to capture and complement that eye is central to why he was hired. “The job of a cinematographer is to be a chameleon,” Soffer said, "and adapt to whatever our director needs." Well, that's part of the job. There's also the technical know-how and then there's a third component, which he described as being “the director's confidante, supporter, friend, right hand person, psychiatrist, everything.”

And then there's the cinematographer's role as the on-set diplomat, “and negotiating between production and crew.” They become the conduit for the director's ideas, often in technical terminology, to ensure that everyone's on the same page. And if you're tearing up the old rule book, that's a more vital role than ever.

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