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Mary Keeler, Partner and CFO

Partner and CFO

Mary Keeler fell into bookkeeping when a colleague asked her to fill in for them back in the day. It was then she realised numbers were more fun than people, and she hasn't looked back since. Studying sociology with a focus on law at University of California, Riverside, Mary started her career as a publicist (with Meredith at EBComs!) before making the switch to bookkeeping. After five years as VP of Distribution and Accounting at Cinevolve Studios, Mary started her own company, MKK Bookkeeping, which she runs to this day and retains EBComs as a client.

While close friends call her Moose because of her clumsiness, Mary's interests include playing old videos games such as Super Mario Bros. and the like, as well as interrupting any conversations she may be in to say 'hello' to passing doggos.

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