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Cinematographer Mélodie Preel

Streaming on Hulu/Disney+ June 7

Since 1998, EBComs, LLC has focused on entertainment, media, and arts-industry communications. We specialize in shining the light on behind-the-camera artists, including directors, cinematographers, production and costume designers, writers, musicians, artists, and more. We have successfully executed award campaigns for the Academy Awards, Creative Arts Emmys, and numerous union/guild-specific awards.


Headquartered in Los Angeles, but staffed by an international team with a global network, we work unconventionally: no expensive offices, no bloated budgets. Our offices never close, and we’re flexible and available whenever and wherever you need us.


In addition to our entertainment industry work, we deliver PR services to the aeronautics, merchandising, health, tech, and innovation markets, as well as government, public affairs, charity, and corporate communications.

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